Strengths: Strong strategist, unafraid of failure, unafraid of being different, speaks up for others

Country: USA

Industry: Automobile Glass & Technology
Favorite quote: “Those who fly alone have the strongest wings”

Website: www.windshieldsrus.com

Email: ivyrosedeleon78@gmail.com


Immigrated to the USA at age 17. I came to this country broke, didn’t speak any English, had no education, and became homeless while chasing the American dream. These life events made me a stronger Latina woman, a solid strategist, and a focused executor. I grew up around my father towing/fixing cars, and I always wondered; why can’t more females not be a part of the auto industry? It felt like it was off-limits! Therefore, since my arrival to the USA, I have been on a mission to open the door for other females who want to be trailblazers in male-dominated industries. I am proud to be a co-founder of Windshields R Us, an auto glass technology shop.

Windshields R Us’ vision is to be known as a trusted auto glass organization within our regional markets. Our mission is the safety of our customers and our goal is to deliver the best quality of service at an affordable price without compromising safety while ensuring the customers’ experience is unlike any other.

Building the right team is at the core of our business. Essentially, our glass technicians are an extension of our brand, so growing their capabilities are non-negotiable. Understanding the consumer is key to our success. I spend many hours studying and analyzing consumers’ behavior while designing our services. In a highly competitive market establishing affordable yet profitable prices are crucial to remaining a preferred auto glass shop; therefore, managing cost without compromising safety protocols is part of the equation of success.

Lastly, I embrace change in technology and never fear the competition.


I co-founded Windshields R Us at the cusp of COVID-19. I believe throughout this journey I have learned to pivot without fear of failure while embracing the unknown. I have learned to lien on the power of strong relationships. As a small business owner, it is crucial to be involved in the community, be present and inclusive of all. I have also learned the value of a growth mindset. I am constantly learning how to be a better leader. This mindset crafted my ability to be a stronger entrepreneur. I have learned to be unapologetically different, unafraid of failure. I put myself through college to learn English and have earned an MBA and Law Degree all of which have prepared me to be a stronger female entrepreneur. During COVID-19, I experienced a lot of feelings of uncertainty, but I stuck to my plan and proceeded to execute the required steps to navigate my company during some tough times. Impressively, Windshields R Us grew in a record time.


Believe in yourself and block the noise! You will encounter barriers and challenges but that’s how you grow and expand your business. Embrace being different and be unafraid to do the unthinkable. Many will tell you that your dream is not solid and that it will not work. Block the chatter and stay focused. Ensure you have a solid strategic plan and stick to your gut.

Reassess your CORE commitment to your business often. Ensure you are aligned with your mission and the consumers’ needs. Embrace the negative thoughts and always turn them into positive ones. It is ok to sometimes feel lost and confused; however, always reevaluate your commitment and ensure your Mission is at the CORE of your WHY.

An important lesson learned is to remain resilient before any unexpected changes and learn to predict the consumer needs before your competitors figured them out!